December 2, 2021
Google search personal tab

Google Search Personal Tab Added to the SERP

A new Google search personal tab is now an included option of the search results page, displaying private data and information, inaccessible to the public…

Many people are familiar with the Google search options: “All,” “Maps,” “Images,” “News,” and “Video.” Now, tucked within the “More” tab on the Google search engine results page is another option: “Personal.” It joins, “Shopping,” “Books,” and “Flights.”

Google Search Personal Tab Comes to the Search Engine Results Page

Google provides a lot of ostensibly free services: Gmail, search, YouTube, Maps, Drive, Photos, and more. But it’s done in trade for user data. Now, that data is accessible in a new way, right under the “More” option on the SERP.

Entering a search term and then selecting the “Personal” option under the “More” tab yields a number of results, from Gmail messages, to photos, personal travel information, and more. But, the option is only available to users who are actively logged in. What’s more, Google displays a disclaimer which reads, “only you can see these results.”

The new Personal tab option appears active by default. To prevent it from delivering private results, simply go to: Login from the landing page and then go to Personal info and privacy > Search settings > Private results. Check “Do not use private results,” and click on “Save” at the bottom to opt out.

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