September 14, 2021
Google search ranking volatility

SEOs Reporting Big Fluctuations in Google Search Rank

Google search ranking volatility hasn’t gone unnoticed in the past several days, pointing to a possible change in algorithms…

Over the course of the past several days, professional SEOs have begun reporting abnormal ranking fluctuations on Google. While it’s totally normal to see such changes from month-to-month and even day-to-day, these aren’t common. 

Google Search Ranking Volatility Spotted

Big changes have been recorded from January 6th through the 9th. This could be due to an ostensible algorithm change over the past week or two. Google has not confirmed any specific updates, though. 

The changes during the early part of January have resulted in both positive and negative changes in organic listings.

Additionally, tools such as Mozcast, SERP Metrics, Accuranker, RankRanger, and SEMRush all recorded substantial swings in performances during the past couple of weeks.

Regardless if it’s a core change or something less involved, Google isn’t yet confirming what’s occurred. What’s more important to know is Google routinely conducts tests and runs updates through its system all the time. This could prove temporary or be a sign of a significant change in site performance.

It’s also important to keep in mind third party measurement tools are merely indications of a change or two or more and do not necessary make certain algorithmic signal changes.

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