August 8, 2022
Google search results auto play video

Google Search Results Auto Play Video Limited Testing Begins, Confirmed

Google search results auto play video are now appearing on the SERP or search engine results page in a surprising but limited test…

In a very surprising move, Google is testing auto play video on its SERP. First spotted by Jennifer Slegg at Search Engine Journal, the new feature appears at least in several markets. Given the company’s penchant for minimalism and unobtrusiveness, this is quite unanticipated. 

Google Search Results Auto Play Video Now in Limited Testing

The new Google search results auto play video only works for users included in the test. And, even users in the test don’t hear audio, the videos play without sound. Users who are not part of the experiment will see a gray and white play button but the video does not run automatically. Clicking on the button launches a YouTube player, with audio auto enabled.

Google auto play video screenshot

Google confirmed the, saying, “…we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the search experience for our users, but have no plans to announce at this time,” a spokesperson told SEJ. However, the Knowledge Panel video test is not part of all queries. For instance, searching “Spider-Man: Homecoming” generates the Knowledge Panel, but with no video included.

Google auto play video screenshot 2

The Next Web duplicated the results of the auto play video for the query “justice league.” Here’s how it looks:

Users who don’t like auto play videos can simply install this Chrome desktop extension to disable the feature. Google is also currently testing a Question and Answers option in the local Knowledge Panel. Facebook tried pushing auto play on its flagship app, along with Instagram. But, users rebelled, and the social network answered with an opt-out setting.

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