April 30, 2021
Google search results public comments

Google may Soon Let People Comment on Search Results — at Least, for Live Sports Searches

Google search results public comments? Yes, it just might become a thing, as a limited test indicates it would first apply to live sports…

It appears Google search results public comments are a possibility. The team over at 9to5Google has discovered what looks like just such a feature.

Google Search Results Public Comments Option for Live Sports Test Spotted

Although Google+ is in its final days, slated for shut down next year,¬† that doesn’t end the company’s interest in social media. Google search results public comments would first appear for live sports. However, it would also place a partition between professional commentators and viewers. Of course, Google would include moderation to reduce spam and other abuses.

It’s an interesting development, even if it doesn’t come to fruition. Adding public comments to certain search categories would definitely make it more social. Because of this, people would also be far more likely to hang around instead of quick checks to see the latest scores. Which gives the search engine yet another opportunity to ink sports deals and expand its advertising prowess.

Ashley Lipman

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