February 23, 2021
Google search results share button

Google Finally Adds a Share Button to its Search Results because LMGTFY

Google has created a SERP share button, which allows people to basically copy and paste and share search results with others…

It’s common for people to turn to Google for all sorts of information. So much, “Google” is a verb, (arguably an adjective), and a noun.

But, the annoyance of LMGTFY becomes even more frustrating when there’s a need to share what comes back on the SERP or search engine results page. Hence, a new Google search results share button.

Google Search Results Share Button Finally Debuts

The latest beta version of Android offers a new share button for search results through the Google app.

Now, performing a search on the Google app comes with a new share option, which includes a “search.app.goo.gl” link.

However, it lacks one key component. It only shares the search query itself, not the results the person searching sees. In other words, it will copy over the queried text but not the links returned in the search performed.

This is likely due to the fact that Google personalizes results. Meaning, what one person sees when Googling a given query won’t necessarily show-up for another. And, that’s actually a good thing. After all, what’s relevant to one person might well not be to another.

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