December 9, 2021
Google SERP product comparison

Google SERP Product Comparison Spotted on Desktop, Mobile

A new Google SERP product comparison appears for some products on both mobile and desktop, but it’s unclear if this is a permanent feature…

Google is now showing product comparison for select products on its search engine results page or SERP. The product comparison shopping card is appearing on mobile, as well as desktop VentureBeat reports. Items compatible with this new Google SERP product comparison are things like smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Google SERP Product Comparison Seen on Mobile and Desktop

In the example below, a search for “ipad pro vs pixel c,” returns the product comparison card. Details include “Typical price,” “Screen size,” “Operating system,” “Storage,” and “Connectivity.”

Google SERP product comparison
Credit: VentureBeat

The side-by-side comparison apparently comes from the Google Knowledge Graph, a collection of data pulled from websites on the internet. With the introduction of Google Home, a smart speaker and remote control device, the search engine relies more heavily of its quick answers. This could be a potential replacement for Google Compare, a tool shut down earlier this year.

The search engine is known for its constant testing. For instance, Google sitelink extension images are currently in testing. Another new addition are Google local rich cards for restaurants and online courses. Moreover, Google shopping ads carousels began to appear on YouTube in early November.

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