May 19, 2022
Google SERP snippets answers carousel

Google Testing a SERP Snippets Answers Carousel

A new Google SERP snippets answers carousel now appears for some queries, possibly to give searchers conspicuous, instant information…

Google just started experimenting with a new feature, apparently aimed at giving people instant answers. The new Google SERP snippets answers carousel, spotted by Glenn Gabe, places highlighted information right on the search engine results page.

Google SERP Snippets Answers Carousel Test Spotted

The screenshot in the embedded tweet below, depicts square boxes with up to three answers, the first in succession labeled “Best Answer,” complete with a vote count. 

This might come in useful for forum-related threads. These are properties which solicit a number of answers from users around certain topics. It’s possible Google is using its own proprietary technology to pick the “Best Answer,” rather than what sites deem the top one. However, the actual methodology isn’t yet known. 

The new Google SERP snippets answer carousel might well become a concern for such forum, Q&A sites. If Google adopts the feature in the largest markets or worldwide, searchers will likely just take the information and click away, not opting to go directly inside the sites.

It’s important to note, Google forayed into the answers niche with Google Answers. That initiative lasted from 2002 to 2006. It rewarded people for well-researched answers, with a payout ranging from $2 to $200. Although the service was discontinued, the archives remain available.

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