September 16, 2022
Google SERP Stack Overflow previews

Google Now Surfaces Stack Overflow Previews on Its Search Page

Google SERP Stack Overflow previews are now displaying, making it easier to find answer to questions right on the platform…

Google just made it a lot simpler to find developer answers. The search giant is now surfacing previews of content submitted to Stack Overflow on its query results page. 

Google SERP Stack Overflow previews

This isn’t live to everyone. But, some users are reporting seeing it in-action. It seems Google has already been testing the feature for a few months. In fact, Search Engine Journal previously reported a small group of Redditors were given access as far back as December of last year.

It’s a great resource to find the most popular answers to questions on the site without having to load dedicated pages. (However, the previews are currently limited, so to see the entire answer does require clicking through.) Here’s a screenshot of it, via The Next Web:

Google SERP Stack Overflow previews screenshot
Credit: The Next Web

The crew at Stack Overflow confirms it too, has seen the option but did not disclose any details. Recently, Google expanded its Featured Snippets to answer multi-intent queries. The search engine also started testing a new layout for its SERP or search engine results page.

It is important to note, Google routinely tests new features but not all make it to wide adoption. So, this may or may not become available to all.

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