August 12, 2022
Google SERP Twitter Carousel Returns after Major Hack

Twitter Carousel Returns to Google Search, Even after Major Hack

The Twitter carousel is back on the Google search results page, after a conspicuous hiatus and a review by the search engine…

Last week, Twitter became the target of a major security breach and cryptocurrency scam. During the attack, an unknown number of hackers gained access to several high-profile accounts. Thereafter, the social microblog proactively locked down many accounts, then released a statement. But despite this scandal, Google has brought the Twitter carousel back to its SERP or search engine results page.

Google SERP Twitter Carousel Returns after Major Hack

The Twitter carousel was previously a part of the Google SERP. But, the search engine removed it and has now returned it, at least for certain queries. For instance, it won’t work with all searches but does appear for some brand accounts and celebrities alike. (As pictured in the screenshot below, which features Kanye West.)

Google isn’t the only search portal that’s show tweets in on its SERP. Many years ago, in 2013, Bing and Twitter had a deal that began in 2009. However, that agreement did come to an end. Google started showing tweets on its SERP sometime ago, but disabled the carousel in the wake of the Twitter hack. Now, it seems the search engine is again comfortable with surfacing the carousel.

Google search page Twitter carousel
Credit: Android Police

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