October 23, 2021
Google Shoelace

Google Jumps Back into Social Media with an Area 120 App for Creating Offline Meetups Based on Users’ Shared Interests

Google Shoelace is a new type of social media app from Area 120 which allows users to schedule IRL meetups based on shared interests…

Now the infamous Google Plus bust is completely out of the way, the tech company is again foraying into the social media space. This time, it comes out of Area 120, Google’s experimental section and it’s called “Shoelace.”

New Google Shoelace Social Network from Area 120 Tests Online Meetups Based on Users’ Interests

Basically, Shoelace allows users to input their interests and the creators then match them up with like-minded folks to participate in various activities. 

One key distinction is that not everyone needs the Shoelace app to join in groups. Instead, it works with or without formally joining another social network. 

It’s debuting as invitation-only at this time in New York City. So, there’s no guarantee it will expand — or even if it will make it out of its initial test phase.

Although, since it doesn’t require actually using a dedicated app and focuses on real-life activities, it’s good for Google’s push for digital well-being.

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