August 3, 2022
Google shopping ads carousels

Google Shopping Ads Carousels Seen on YouTube

Google shopping ads carousels integration began in May 2015 on its video platform, YouTube, and now, more are appearing during a testing period…

YouTube, now the most visited video platform on the web by far, is apparently testing Google shopping ads carousels more widely. The first integration started over a year ago, when brands displayed proprietary ads alongside their videos with TrueView for Shopping. Eventually, Google opened the ad option to all brands within the Search Partners network.

New Google Shopping Ads Carousels Spotted on Video Platform YouTube

Instead of placing ads along the right side of videos, a scroll carousel displays four ads below videos. Danish SEO firm s360 spotted the change on Monday. However, not all users in Denmark are seeing the desktop format and it doesn’t appear on YouTube mobile. So, it’s unclear how many users see it or where else the test is running.

Back in September, a new YouTube feature launched to rival Facebook pages. The Community tab allows users to post text, GIFs, live video, images, and more — effectively creating a social media platform. The content will appear in mobile users’ “Subscription” feed; there is also a push notification option available. YouTube is an ideal rival to challenge Facebook, as 80 percent of its views are outside the United States.

Just last week, mobile search Google Home Services ads trial began appearing on the results page.

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