November 2, 2022
Google similar items mobile images search schema

Google Similar Items Mobile Images Search Schema Announced

A new Google similar items mobile images search schema debuts for the apparel and home and garden categories, expanding to more in the coming months…

Recently, Google debuted “Similar items” image search on the mobile web and the Android Search app. The feature helps users find products they like, hosted on Google Image Search. The search engine uses machine vision technology to deliver Similar items in the apparel and home and garden categories. This will expand over the next few month, according to Image Search Product Manager Julia E.

Google Similar Items Mobile Images Search Schema Introduced

Google states it handles millions of impressions per day worldwide on the Similar items carousel. Finding pricing and availability of products is one of the most user requested features. Now, webmasters can take advantage of the Google Similar items mobile images carousel with a dedicated schema.

similar search example
Credit: Google

Here are the guidelines for mobile images search schema, quoted directly from Google:

  • Ensure that the product offerings on your pages have product markup, including an image reference. Products with name, image, price & currency, and availability meta-data on their host page are eligible for Similar items
  • Test your pages with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to verify that the product markup is formatted correctly
  • See your images on image search by issuing the query “” For results with valid product markup, you may see product information appear once you tap on the images from your site. It can take up to a week for Googlebot to recrawl your website.

Presently, Similar items are available on mobile browsers and the Android Google Search app globally. But the company states it will expand to other platform throughout the year.

In March, Google revealed its search ads tracked 4 billion in-store visits. The search engine also expanded Rich Cards worldwide last month.

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