September 15, 2022
Google sitelink extension images

Google Sitelink Extension Images being Tested

New Google sitelink extension images are in testing by the search engine, appearing on mobile as a swipeable carousel but not yet on desktop…

Google sitelink extension images have appeared in the past and now, apparently are in testing on mobile. First tested in 2013 by the search engine, sitelink images failed to become a permanent part of the SERP.

Competitor Bing Ads released its version and it came out of beta testing just about one year ago. Now, the search giant is giving sitelink images another try, but currently only on mobile.

New Mobile Google Sitelink Extension Images Show in Swipeable Carousel

The new sitelink images were first reported by Search Engine Land, accompanied by a screen capture. Located under a paid SEM ad, a swipeable carousel displays images, complete with sitelinks to different pages. This follows last week’s change by Google, switching the format of price extensions from a list also to a swipeable carousel. 

The visual sitelinks test is to measure user experience and preference. Google often runs test which never become a permanent or long-term part of its user interface. Recently, local rich cards started displaying for two categories: restaurants and online courses. At the beginning of the month, shopping ad carousels appeared on YouTube.

Mobile is definitely where the search engine is putting most of its efforts. The week before Thanksgiving, Google announced it will index desktop pages over accelerated mobile pages when no mobile content version exists. Additionally, the Google search console updates continue and could extend into December or longer.

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