June 18, 2021
Q3 2019 smart speaker sales

Google Smart Speaker Sales Drastically Plummet while This One Rival Rises 70 Percent

Worldwide sales of smart speakers increased by millions of units in Q3 2019 but Google suffered a severe slump, which also extended to smart displays…

Google’s smart speaker sales share fell precipitously in the last quarter. Meanwhile, competitors grew almost exponentially, with Amazon topping its previous sales by nearly 70 percent, compared to the third quarter of 2018. This, according to the latest Canalys report.

Google Smart Speaker Sales Drop while Competitors’ Rise

Prime Day boosted Amazon, which sold 10.4 million smart speakers. However, Google struggled, falling to a market share of 12 percent. The tech giant dropped from its previous spot of third in the world to fourth, recording a negative annual growth rate of -40.1 percent.

Two Chinese OEMs took second and third place, with Alibaba selling almost 4 million units and Baidu with 3.7 million, respectively.

In related news, during the same period, smart display sales ballooned by an incredible 500 percent, with 6.3 million sales from July to September. Although, Google also suffered from poor performance, selling just 700,00 units.

Canalys senior analyst Jason Low explains:

“The challenging retail environment and shipment decline compelled Google to seek more partnerships such as with Spotify, to drive sales through different channels. We are also seeing similar collaboration trends in China where Alibaba leveraged its retail relationship and channel capabilities to run smart speaker collaborations.”

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