October 27, 2021
Google Spaces

Google Spaces Social Sharing App Sunsetting April 17th

The Google Spaces cross-platform mobile app for group discussions and messaging is shutting down this spring, among other discontinued products…

Google has introduced a number of experiments products. Google Wave, announced in 2009 didn’t last long. It was an attempt to merge email, instant messaging, wikis, and social networks. Spaces is somewhat similar but its fate is the exact same. Google Spaces allowed its users to share content and commentary on any specific topic, through a native mobile app. Now, it’s scheduled to shut down this spring.

Google Spaces Social Sharing App Discontinuing April 17th

Launched on May 16, 2016, Spaces gave its users the ability to create separate spaces and invite friends. Invitees could discuss a topic, and share videos, images, text, and, other media. This marks the search engine’s latest attempt at a viable, attractive social media platform.

Spaces fizzled, finding few users. So, the search giant “…decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products,” John Kilcline, a Google product manager, wrote in a Google+ postGoogle will transform into a read-only mode this month and will discontinue in mid April.

The app somewhat mimicked Rooms by rival Facebook. It too, was a topic-based discussion app which shut down in December 2015. The company also recently announced it would shut down Google Site Search in April, as well. Meanwhile, Google+ is currently looking for testers to improve user experience.

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