July 3, 2022
Google Spring Cleaning 2019

Google Spring Cleaning for 2019 Sweeps Away Four Big Products for Good

Google Spring Cleaning 2019 sees the demise of four familiar products: Inbox by Gmail, Allo, Google+, and its URL shortener…

This year marks the end of at least four Google services, with three to occur this month alone. Today brings the existence of Google Allo to its conclusion.

Originally announced by at Google I/O in 2016, it took some time to actually come to market. Once it did, Allo grew quickly in popularity. But momentum failed and some logistical obstacles abruptly brought about its collision course with other products.

Google Spring Cleaning 2019 Calendar Ends Google Plus, Inbox, Allow, and URL Shortener

Next on the spring cleaning 2019 calendar for coming to an end is Inbox by Gmail. Users simply can’t say enough good things about this next generation email client. It brought many useful features, including link saving, category bundling, automatic sorting, Smart Reply, and more.

Inbox by Gmail completely re-imagined email as we know it and since it became apparent the end was near, Google has added several of its tools to Gmail. More are on the way as the service shuts down by the end of this month.

An alternative to services like bit.ly, the goo.gl URL shortener will cease operation on March 30th. Thereafter, all previously created addresses will continue to function. Google already shut down new accounts back in April of last year.

The Google Plus bust drama will finally come to an end on April 2nd. Although Google+ did manage to create a very loyal fan base, it never caught on with the mainstream public. 

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