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It’s Now Possible to Play Stadia Over a Cellular Connection (If Gamers have the Data to Spare)

Google Stadia mobile data streaming support goes live

Credit: ExtremeTech

Google brings mobile data streaming support to Stadia, so gamers can still play on-the-go, but there are some limitations, of course…

About three months ago, in July, Google started testing mobile data streaming for its Stadia gaming platform. Now, the company is expanding it for anyone who wants to play while out and about. Although, gamers shouldn’t get over-excited because there are some limitations. Said limitations could make for a very disappointing experience, if some parameters aren’t sufficiently met.

Google Stadia Mobile Data Streaming Support goes Live

The new Stadia mobile data streaming support is a bold but necessary move. After all, game streaming depends on low-latency connections to offsite servers. In other words, without a stable and speedy connection, there’s effectively no play. That’s why Google says gamers need to be connected to a reliable LTE or 5G network. Also, mobile devices need a solid and consistent cellular connection. Plus, Google advises gamers to remain in one place and to avoid public, high-congestion mobile network traffic. Google updated a Stadia support page to explain:

“To play Stadia when your mobile device isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network, open the Stadia app Stadia icon and turn on the ‘Use mobile data’ option in your Performance settings. This setting will only take effect on the device you set it on, and you can turn it off at any time.”

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