November 2, 2022
Android Slices

App Devs Get Ready, Google Starts Serving Up Android Slices

Android Slices are now appearing on some Pixel devices running the Pie version, bringing shortcut functions from third-party apps to search and more…

Last November, Google introduced a new UI program called Android Slices. Basically, Android Slices take relevant portions of third-party apps and integrate them into search.

Initially, the system worked with apps like Doist and Kayak. Now, Android Slices are beginning to show up elsewhere.

Google Starts Surfacing Android Slices in Pie Version

The team over at 9to5Google noticed Android Slices showing up on Pixel devices running version 9.0. It appears Google rolled out a server-side update to turn the feature on. However, it does support much earlier versions, going so far back as KitKat.

For those unfamiliar with Android Slices, these are merely functional portions of third-party and even proprietary apps. So, searching for a travel destination could trigger a sliver of the Google Flights app to surface. Or, searching the term “Bluetooth” brings up the settings, without having to go into the actual connections settings menu.

At this time, it’s unknown when Android Slices will roll out widely. But, since it’s supported on much older version of the software, it might not be all that long.

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