October 23, 2021
low quality content SEO improvement

Google States Low Quality Content SEO Improvement Better than Deletion

John Mueller of Google clears up the misconception of low quality content SEO improvement, by stating it’s better to clean it up rather than delete it…

In a recent Google Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller of search giant Google addressed what to do with low quality content on webpages. Most in SEO will jump at the opportunity to simply delete it and move on. However, Mueller states when deciding between deletion and improvement, the latter is the best course of action.

Google Says Low Quality Content SEO Improvement Better than Deleting Webpages

Website owners should definitely periodically conduct sitewide audits to identify low quality content. If discovered, the urge to purge it should actually be ignored. “There are two approaches to tackling this. On one hand you can improve your content, and from my point of view if you can improve your content that’s probably the best approach possible,” Mueller advises.

The Googler explains why improving content is preferable to deleting it. “You clearly had a reason for putting this out, now be serious about the content you put out and make sure it’s useful.”

However, Mueller does state cleaning it up isn’t always the best option. For instance, if it cannot be substantially improved, then deleting it is a good choice.

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