November 7, 2022
Google temporarily suspends all paid Chrome Web Store apps

Google Suspends All Premium Chrome Web Store Apps as a Security Precaution

Google Google has taken the unprecedented step of temporarily suspending all paid Chrome Web Store apps as a temporary security precaution for users…

Tech giant Google has confirmed it has indeed temporarily placed a suspension on all premium or paid Chrome Web Store apps.

The company states it has taken this extraordinary step as a security precaution to protect consumers from abusive practices by developers.

Google Suspends All Paid Chrome Web Store Apps

Google as moved to block any premium Chrome Store web apps from publishing updates, along with just allowing any new paid applications to be sold.

The company confirms it has taken this serious action in order to protect people from abusive practices. During the temporary ban, all premium apps, whether requiring a one-time, upfront fee, or offered as a subscription, will not be able to update to new versions and or fix any functionality problems.

Additionally, developers cannot add new software programs to the Chrome Web Store during this temporary block out.

This means that paying customers cannot update to new versions of installed apps. It also means that any bugs in performance will continue, until Google lifts the ban. However, previously purchased applications will continue to function as usual.

At this time, there is no definitive date when Google will lift the ban. But, the company states it is working diligently to resolve the problem.

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