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Report Claims Google has Suspended Huawei’s Android License

Google suspends Huawei Android license

A recent news report by Reuters claims tech giant Google has pulled its Android license privilege from Chinese firm Huawei…

News agency Reuters reports Google has cut off Huawei from its Android licensing program. (The report isn’t yet confirmed and relies on a single anonymous source.) However, if accurate, this represents a critical blow to the Chinese firm.

Google Suspends Huawei’s Android License, Report Claims

The move comes in the midst of an ongoing trade spat between the United States and China. If true, it pulls essential parts of Android away from the manufacturer. The loss means losing access to the Google Play Store and apps like Gmail.

For some time, Huawei has been part of a big debate. It and ZTE are allegedly “effectively an arm of the Chinese government.” Meaning, the US government believes the entities use their equipment to spy on American networks.

Huawei has already started developing its own mobile operating system. It’s done so in preparation for this very contingency. But, given the attitude toward the firm and its practices, presenting its own proprietary OS will invite more scrutiny from the U.S. than if it continued with Google’s Android.

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