June 23, 2022
Google Tasks G Suite core service

Google Task will Soon become a G Suite Core Service

A new Google Tasks G Suite core service will officially roll out on June 28th, set on by default, the search engine says…

Earlier this year, Google launched a redesigned version of Tasks. It allows users to keep track of daily tasks, organize various lists, track deadlines, and more. It works on the web and is also available on a mobile app. Originally, it was introduced as a G Suite product offering. But now, it will become a standalone core service, included with G Suite subscriptions. 

Google Tasks G Suite Core Service Launching June 28th

Tasks rolled out as part of Gmail and Calendar to all G Suite subscribers. Because of this, Google states Tasks will launch automatically by default. However, users can toggle it off by visiting the Admin console. Simply open the Admin console and navigate to Apps > G Suite. 

Also, Google says that since it’s now becoming a core G Suite service, users receive the “same technical support and service level commitments as any other core service.”

Google Tasks as a standalone, core G Suite service will launch effective June 28th.