September 30, 2022
Google Testing Continuous Scrolling in Search Results

Google Starts Experimenting with Search Results that Act a Lot Like Social Media Feeds

Google is conducting a trial that brings continuous scrolling to search results in the US on mobile, mimicking social media news feeds…

Google is now trying out a new way to display search results. Instead of its familiar pagination on iOS and Android, queries show up in a social media style, complete with continuous scrolling.  That means providing more answers without having to go from the first page to the second, third, and fourth page of search results. In fact, that’s the same amount of pages people asking broader, more open-ended questions often venture.

Google Testing Continuous Scrolling in Search Results

Although most people do not go beyond the first page of search results for quick answers, more complex queries cause searchers to go onto the second, third, and fourth pages. For example, the query “What can I do with pumpkins” requires much larger volumes of answers, ideas, and explanations. This is where continuous scrolling will be of most benefit to searchers.

Of course, this kind of search structure will not only benefit people but Google itself. It will likely keep searchers looking longer and that translates into more opportunities to show ads. In turn, Google will also benefit from the way text ads are distributed throughout search results, perhaps reducing clustering at the top of the page.

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