July 22, 2021
Google testing new Android Auto designs with Google Assistant

Google is Experimenting with New Looks for Android Auto’s Assistant Integration

Google is working on new designs for Android Auto’s Assistant integration, testing different looks and arrangements in the latest APK…

Earlier this year, Google introduced a substantial overhaul of Android Auto. Since that time, it’s received a few tweaks. Now, it’s sporting some significant redesigns for Google Assistant on Android Auto.

Google Testing New Android Auto Designs with Assistant

Google is experimenting with some changes, which rearrange where Assistant appears, depending on Android Auto’s current function.

As the screenshots below show, Google Assistant takes up a good portion of the bottom of the screen while in the Google Play Music section. On another screen, Assistant appears in the bottom right.

Meanwhile, on both screens, the Back/Exit button remains in the bottom left corner, with the notification icon and Assistant both staying pinned to the bottom right side.

As with previous experiments, just because Google is testing the changes does not mean all or any will make their way out to wide, stable release. Although, some people might see one or more of the iterations by performing a manual update of the app in their vehicle. (But, this doesn’t guarantee it will force the new interface to appear.)

Google testing new Android Auto designs with Assistant
Credit: 9to5Google / Android Police

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