September 10, 2021
Google testing new YouTube UI playback feature

Google Spotted Testing a New YouTube Mobile Playback User Interface

Search giant Google is apparently testing a new YouTube UI playback feature, which gives viewers more control over videos slid to the bottom…

The YouTube mobile apps just might receive a bit of a new look, sporting some helpful playback options. It appears Google is currently testing a new YouTube UI playback feature, which makes browsing easier, while watching a video.

Google Testing New YouTube UI Playback Feature on Its Mobile App

Currently, when a user slides a video to browse other content, it lands to the bottom right of the screen. But, there’s no functions, like pause/play. Instead, a standard “X” button appears, giving viewers the option to close the video. However, it seems Google is working to add more functionality by including a dedicated playback pause/play button. 

Redditor Therexin posted to Android subreddit after first spotting it:

Along with the new play/pause button, the interface will likewise contain the video title right beside the thumbnail. Some users note it looks much like the YouTube TV user interface. That service includes a similar features which have already been available for about 4 years.

This test is limited to a select group of users at this time. Although it’s been popping up on Android, Google probably includes some iOS users in its control group. Per usual, this test doesn’t mean the feature will inevitably work its way to all users.

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