January 12, 2022
Google testing notification subscription expiration feature

Google might Soon Automatically Stop Websites from Abusing Push Notifications

Google is apparently in the early stages of experimenting with a new push notifications management tool that would help users avoid being pestered indefinitely…

It looks like Google is continuing its ongoing war against website notifications. Those pop-ups that appear when people are browsing online, interrupting their sessions to sign up for alerts or to be redirected.

Initially intended to save consumers from tons of one unwanted email, push notifications were supposed to update people when websites publish new content. Unsurprisingly, this technology has been abused, to say the least. But Google is doing something about them, with a new test that will help people better manage these types of alerts.

Google Testing Notification Subscription Expiration Feature

The folks over at TheWindowsClub have discovered there’s a new setting which allows people to place a time limit on push notification subscriptions. Users would have to opt in themselves, but once they choose a time limit, Chrome will take over from there. (Presumably, there will be different time limits, with the default set to 90 days.) Although, it’s unlikely to stay that way, particularly when it finally arrives on stable release.

The new Google Chrome push notifications management tool is tentatively scheduled to be released with the Canary build of Chrome version 86. If it does make its way through the Canary and Beta processes, it could easily turn into a fan-favorite in very short order, giving people more power to avoid the annoyance of push notifications.

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