November 2, 2022
Google Testing YouTube Shopping Experience

Now YouTube is Experimenting with a Shopping Option to Let Viewers Buy Products Directly

YouTube is working on a shopping feature that will allow viewers to purchase products right from videos, a recent news report confirms…

There is certainly no shortage of ways to buy things on the web. But, there might be an untapped resource that’s been hiding in plain sight. It’s a hub that attracts billions of users per month and serves up a nearly limitless supply of content — YouTube. With literally tens to hundreds of millions of people on the site at any given time, YouTube presents a prime selling opportunity. So, the company is running an experiment to test its potential e-commerce prowess.

Google is Testing a YouTube Shopping Experience

In a recent news article, Bloomberg reports that the video hosting site is indeed working on a shopping tag tool. One that would allow creators and brands to place a purchase option right in the UI, making it easy for viewers to tap and buy. Of course, YouTube would probably earn a commission on every sale, making the site even more lucrative than it already is with its huge advertising revenue.

YouTube shopping probably wouldn’t be all that dissimilar from the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, where shopping tags already exist. However, there is one big risk with turning the property into an e-commerce platform. That potential risk is being over-leveraged.

As it stands now, if creators want to sell something, they must put a link in the description and obviously make a point to tell viewers about it. However, if video makers know they’ll be able to sell more directly, they’re very likely to take every opportunity. Such exploitation would turn what are otherwise informative videos into lengthy sales pitches. That means YouTube will have to find a way to strike a happy balance.

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