November 3, 2022
Google is experimenting with direct package tracking integration into search

Google is Testing Directly Integrating Package Tracking in Search

Google is now experimenting with showing package tracking results right through its search portal, through a new integration…

For some time now, entering a package tracking number into Google search both identifies the carrier and shows some tracking details. That might get a substantial enhancement in the not too distant future. The search giant is currently testing a direct integration into it search results.

Google Tests Directly-Integrated Package Tracking in Search

Google has announced its new Package Tracking Early Access Program for shipping companies. Those entities can “show people the status of their packages right on Search.”

In-action, the tool shows the expected delivery date, its destination, as well as options to view details on the carrier’s website, contact the shipping company, make a call, and track another package.

Google writes on a Developers page:

“Package tracking is a feature that displays package tracking related information on Google. When people come to Search looking to track a package shipped with your company, they’ll be able to enter a package ID directly. The feature uses your API to retrieve the package tracking information and then displays it to the user. Here’s how package tracking information may appear on Google Search when a user seeks to track a package.”

Google search direct package tracking integration
Credit: Google

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