July 4, 2022
Google to Allow Gmail Users to Opt Out of the Email Client's Data-Driven Smart Features

Gmail Users will Soon be able to Opt Out of the Email’s Data-Hungry Smart Features — but There’s a Catch

Google is going to let Gmail users turn off some of the email service’s most data-centered features, but there’s an important caveat…

There’s a lot more to Gmail than sending and receiving email. It’s also part of a broader experience, such as creating calendar events, filtering messages, and a whole lot more. But, in order to deliver all these automatic features, Google requires a ton of data to power them. Some people might not appreciate so many details being collected and aggregated across Big G’s different services. So, the company will soon let users disable those Gmail smart features.

Google to Allow Gmail Users to Opt Out of the Email Client’s Data-Driven Smart Features

Even though people have had the power to toggle individual features on and off, a new option will let them completely disable the background data processing that makes them possible. Of course, there’s a catch to opting out — once they are disabled, there’s no way to go back to re-enable them. In other words, if a user does opt out, he or she won’t be able to rejoin the data process than makes those smart features possible.

Google says the new setting will appear alongside existing options to enable or disable individual features. But, even on the individual level, users still won’t have granular control over the data processing behind them.

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