November 3, 2022
iPhone Google Photos glitch

Google will Correct a Flaw that Lets iPhone Owners to Upload Full-Quality Images to Google Photos for Free

Google has stated it will close a workaround that give iPhone owners the ability to upload full-quality pictures to Google Photos at no charge…

There’s a convenient quirk in Google Photos that provides iPhone owners an essentially free service. The so-called “bug” allows iPhone owners to upload full-quality pics to Google Photos, free of charge. (Originally quality snaps are supposed to count against Google Drive usage. When the limit is reached, people are required to pay for more storage pass 15GB.)

Google to Apply a Fix to Bug that Allows iPhone Owners to Upload Free Full-Quality Pictures to Google Photos

The iPhone-Google Photos glitch basically bypasses the normal compression process. As iPhones use HEIC/HEIF formats, the uploaded pictures aren’t routed through the normal cycle to be changed over to JPEG. In other words, iPhone essentially workaround Google’s regular procedure and consequently, users’ account limits aren’t affected.

It’s not clear how Google will fix the bug but it’s probably not going to make iPhone owners happy. (The workaround likewise applies to Samsung phones, with a bit of tinkering.)

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