August 8, 2022
Google bulk password checkup being integrated into Chrome browser

Google is Making Moves to Bake its Bulk Password Checkup Protections Right into the Chrome Browser

A new bulk password checkup flag in the Canary channel for the Google Chrome browser points to the protection being built directly into the browser…

Google continues to make its Chrome browser even faster, more robust feature-wise, and increasingly more secure. Recently, the Chrome team has put a lot of effort into the latter, and now, it appears there will be deeper integration of its Bulk Password Checkup.

Google to Integrate its Bulk Password Checkup Directly into the Chrome Browser

Right now, there’s a new flag in the Canary build of the Chrome browser. It’s set to situate the Bulk Password checker, but it’s only a placeholder at this time, meaning the space is there but it lacks any functionality.

Earlier this year, Google introduced a Password Checkup Extension that alerts users if it detects a compromise in their user names and passwords.

It doesn’t appear the functionality will differ in any significant way from its predecessor but rather, will act almost the same. Regardless, if it’s front and center, people will be more likely to stay alert to their online credentials to keep them safe.

Google already has a way for people to check all their stored passwords in their Google accounts through

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