November 25, 2021

Google to Require more Transparency of Chrome Extension Developers Beginning Next Year with this New Policy

Google will no longer tolerate Chrome extensions’ opaque handling of users’ data and will require more transparency starting next year…

Tech giant Google is continuing its efforts to crack down on wayward Chrome extensions. More particularly, how they handle users’ data. To that end, Google is introducing a new policy in January 2021 that requires developers to include data disclosures for extensions offered in the Chrome Web Store. Once enacted, Chrome extension developers must tell users what kinds of data they’re collecting, such as sign-ins or personally identifiable info.

Google to Require Chrome Extensions Provide Data Disclosures Starting in January 2021

Not only will developers have to provide such transparency, they will also need to promise to honor the new policy. That means Chrome extension developers cannot sell users’ data to third-parties, or using people’s information  for unrelated purposes and relying on data for credit checks and money-lending. While the change won’t guarantee extensions to behave appropriately, it will make it easier to ban dishonest developers.

“…we are announcing changes that build upon [current] protections with an update to our developer policy that limits what extension developers can do with the data they collect. The new policy also requires developers to certify their data use practices, and display that information directly on the Chrome Web Store listing to help users understand an extension’s privacy practices.”

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