September 22, 2021
Google to stop indexing Flash content

Google Announces it Will No Longer Index Flash Content Later this Year

Google says it will no longer index Flash content on the web, starting later this year, and advises sites to adopt HTML 5…

Search giant Google has announced in a blog post it will cease indexing Flash content sometime later this year. “Flash is disabled by default in Chrome (starting in version 76), Microsoft Edge, and FireFox 69. Soon, we’ll also move on from Flash in indexing for Google Search.”

Google to Stop Indexing Flash Content Later this Year

Google states it will stop indexing Flash files or SWF files on websites designed fully with the legacy tech, as well as pages that contain portions of Flash on said pages.

Flash was first introduced over twenty years ago, in 1996 by Adobe. It quickly became a better way of producing richer content. Flash remained popular through the decade but it eventually lost its favorability. 

Approximately twelve years after its release, in 2008, Google started crawling Flash and even improved its indexing of SWF files. However, it never performed well in relationship to organic ranking.

Apple abandoned Flash in 2007 when it first introduced the iPhone. Thereafter, browsers gradually stopped supporting the technology and now, Google won’t index it any longer.

Google states sites should use HTML5 as an alternative.

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