August 6, 2022
Google Top Stories Related Picks

Google Top Stories Related Picks Appearing in Search Results

Google Top Stories Related Picks now appear on mobile query results, tapping on the suggestions launches additional AMP powered carousel content…

Google apparently is displaying “Related Picks” under “Top Stories” carousel on mobile devices. For certain queries, Related Picks appear under the Top Stories accelerated mobile page carousel, providing searchers with more information. This is particularly true for information related to news topics.

Google Top Stories Related Picks Now Showing on the SERP

Glenn Gabe captured a couple of screenshots and posted the images on Twitter. “I’m pretty sure this is relatively new. I’m seeing ‘related picks’ under the Top Stories AMP carousel. They open *more* AMP carousels,” Gabe tweeted. The first image shows the results collapsed:

Google Top Stories Related Picks example 1
Credit: Glenn Gabe

Tapping on the suggestions expands the results to include AMP content. In this instance, “Details on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge” feature two news AMP articles from the Daily Star and U.K. Express:

Google Top Stories Related Picks example 2
Credit: Glen Gabe

Just last week, a new Google App carousel cards appeared on the company’s native mobile app

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