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It Looks Like Google Translate for the Web will Soon get a Material Design Refresh

Google Translate Material Design

A Google Translate Material Design update is currently in the works, with at least one user seeing the new layout live in the wild…

Google continues its aggressive push in adopting its Material Design or Material Design 2. These standardized elements Google created are making their way to a number of properties. (Including Chrome, YouTube, the Google account sign-in page, Google Calendar and Maps, and it’s even applied to Google Opinion Rewards.)

Google Translate Material Design Makeover Coming

Now, the Material Design concept appears to slowly be coming to Google Translate for desktop, according to a tip received by Android Police.

The new interface includes all the changes seen in previous makeovers. There’s more white space, rounded corners, less grey, new blue, and the Product Sans font. The top boxes have changed the most. Now, there’s document upload support. And, the logo is different. Additionally, an arrow now appears in the top right of the input field.

Moreover, the new desktop interface more closely resembles the mobile version. Plus three round icons — History, Saved, and Community — are now present in the new experience at the bottom of the page. Here’s the new experience for the web:

Credit: Android Police

The translation boxes themselves are now much larger. For comparison, here’s what it looks like now:

As usual, there’s no official word at this time about the update. Although, it appears part of a sever-side switch. So, it might go live in the next few days, weeks, or even months.

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