September 10, 2021
Google Translate to transcribe foreign language recordings

Google Translate is About to Transcribe Recordings done in Foreign Languages

Search giant Google is working on a new piece of tech for Google Translate that can transcribe recordings made in foreign languages…

Google plans to roll out a new tool for its Google Translate platform on Android. It will allow people to record audio in one language and have it render in another. 

Google Translate to Offer Foreign Language Recording Transcriptions

A new Google Translate tool will be able to take a recording in a foreign language and transcribe it into another. It’s still a work in progress, but the company has given it a sneak peak. 

This is different from its live transcription feature, which works on-device and can therefore work offline. 

What’s more, it won’t be compatible with audio files. Instead, users will have to utilize the microphone on a smartphone. But, Google states it will be possible to play recorded audio through a speaker and capture it that way.

Right now, there’s no timeline for when it will become available to the public. Google only says that it will arrive at some time “in the future.”

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