December 2, 2020
Google Trips desktop travel planner

Google Brings its Mobile Travel Planner to Desktop

Google introduced an app for travel planning last year, giving users quick access to flight, hotel, and like information and now, it’s on the web…

Google has rolled out a new website for travel planning. The portal will make it much easier to organize trips, in one place. (The search engine first introduced the tool last year as a smartphone app.)

Google Trips Desktop goes Live, Putting the Mobile Experience on a Big Screen

Now, people can go to, instead of relying on a mobile app. After all, travelers can take advantage of larger screens to do their planning.

Users can either go directly to the new website or simply fire up a desktop or laptop and search for things like “hotels in Orlando” or “flights to Quebec.” Doing so will take people to the new travel planning portal.

Just like it’s mobile cousin, the site provides information on flights, hotels, packages, and more. The site even has a “Popular destinations” section, which includes destinations such as Walt Disney World Resort, Florida Keys, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and more. There’s also a “Past trips” section.

Once travelers book their flights and hotels, Google automatically adds the information to the tool.

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