November 4, 2022
Google TV and movie mobile search

Google Now Let’s People Swipe Left and Right on TV Shows and Movies Mobile Search

Google has re-imagined its mobile television show and movie search interface, which now lets people swipe to find what they like…

Google has announced changes to its mobile search for TV shows and movies for the upcoming fall season. It’s different than its predecessor, now sporting a more graphical, interactive experience with swiping options.

Google TV and Movie Mobile Search Experience Updated

Now, when someone searches for queries such as “good TV shows to watch,” or “what to watch,” on mobile, just tapping on the start button in “Top picks for you” allows them to rate the titles.

People can also search by genre, time periods, or combinations. Meaning people can search for “historical documentaries about Alexander the Great,” or “1980’s comedies.”

The new Google TV and movie mobile search experience is now just going live in the US.

Matt Sheets, Search Product Manager, writes on The Keyword blog:

“…we created an easy way for you to find recommendations on Google when you search for things like “what to watch.” To start, you can choose which TV and movie subscriptions you already have. You will not only get personalized recommendations for what’s available to you, but also quickly see where to watch your picks.”

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