August 9, 2022
Google TV Available to Watch for Free Alert Option Debuts

The Google TV App Now Tells Viewers when Watchlist Titles are Free to See

Google TV’s streaming platform has added a new option to alert viewers when they can see movies and shows for free on their Watchlists…

Google TV is only about fourteen months old. Formerly a digital entertainment store hub known as Google Play Movies & TV, it now serves as the epicenter of many popular streaming services. Google TV supports Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Discovery+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and dozens more. The streaming hub also features a watchlist, putting all titles in a single library. Now, it’s gained a new function — alerting viewers to when watchlist titles become available to see for free.

Google TV Available to Watch for Free Alert Option Debuts

The new Google TV “Available to Watch” notifications are tucked inside the Settings menu. Fortunately, it’s enabled by default, so it’s not necessary to manually toggle it on. It’s appearing in Google TV version 4.29, which is already available on the Play Store. So, in order to use it, just update to the most recent release. Of course, there’s a bit of a catch and that’s the fact no one really knows its true functionality.

Because it’s just been added and Google hasn’t stated what it’s for, it could only work with certain titles. But, it’s more than likely to kick into action when a streaming service updates its catalog and watchlist titles are added for free viewing.

Credit: Google

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