January 17, 2022
Google TV Now includes an Option to Remove Titles from the Continue Watching Row

Google Quietly Adds a New Option to Google TV that Viewers will Certainly Love

Google TV viewers can now delete titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ list, with a manual action that smartly reduces screen clutter…

Google TV debuted with much fanfare due to its impressive interface and Google Assistant integration. It offers a lot of options, including the ability to install dozens or scores of media apps, such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube TV, HBO Max, Discovery+, and many, many more. And, just like its peers, Google TV contains a very familiar element — the Continue Watching row. Now, Google is giving viewers the ability to manage that row.

Google TV Now includes an Option to Remove Titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ Row

Reddit user u/Alfatango97 spotted the new Continue Watching row tool, that lets people manually hide entries from the list. It’s a much-needed option because viewers often watch a movie or television show but don’t let it play through the credits to the very end. Or, don’t like the content and simply abandon the show or film. Regardless, these titles remain in the Continue Watching row, which can clutter the list unnecessarily.

Now, Google TV viewers can simply long press on a title in the Continue Watching list and select “Hide.” This effectively removes that title from the row, at least, when it works, which it doesn’t always, probably because it’s such a new tool that’s a bit buggy.

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