May 20, 2022
Google TV on Chromecast may Soon Stream Free TV Channels with Ads

Yep, Google is Working to Bring Free Live TV Channels to Google TVs, Smart TVs

Google might just follow some other FAST viewing services by adding free television channels to Chromecast with Google TV and smart TVs…

Google is readying Chromecast with Google TV and smart TVs supporting Google TV for streaming live television channels, for free, according to several recent news reports. This is already common on other platforms, made possible by FAST technology, or what’s known as “Free Ad-supported Streaming Television.” Obviously, being ostensibly “free” comes with regular commercial breaks and on-screen graphics, similar to traditional broadcasting.

Google TV on Chromecast may Soon Stream Free TV Channels

Google is reportedly in talks with various companies to offer traditional linear television or appointment television to Google TV, tentatively under Chromecast’s Live tab — which currently offers paid TV services like YouTube TV and Sling. On smart televisions that support Google TV, those channels are more likely to be shown alongside over-the-air programming that’s accessible via an antenna.

Amazon and Roku have already adopted similar strategies and Google will probably follow sometime in October. That’s when the Made by Google event will showcase the upcoming Pixel 6, along with other products and services. But, it’s unknown exactly when or even if these plans will come to fruition.

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