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Google is Finally Actually Adding Viewer Profiles to Google TV

Google TV Users Profiles Rolling Out to Chromecast, TCL, and Sony Devices

Credit: Google

Google is now adding viewer profiles to Google TV, available on Chromecast, TCL, Sony, and certain select smart devices…

Google first forayed into the streaming/live television world with the introduction of YouTube TV in late February 2017. That’s five years ago for those who just did the quick math. But, for this half-decade period, the platform has lacked one key feature found in virtually every other streaming service — viewer profiles. That is, for subscribers to set up multiple profiles, and switch between them on demand. But, the option is finally arriving.

Google TV Users Profiles Rolling Out to Chromecast, TCL, and Samsung

According to a recent report by FlatPanelsHD, TCL and Sony-branded Google TVs are now sporting the switcher. It allows multiple people in one household to set up individual profiles. Then, when desired, switch between those profiles to enjoy a more customized experience. When viewers launch the app, they’ll see a familiar screen that asks who is watching. The welcome screen also has an option to add a new profile.

Fortunately, for singles, there’s a way to disable the future. To turn the account switcher off, simply go into settings and disable it. In the case multiple profiles are needed some time in the future, this option can be enabled again, allowing multiple profiles to switch between.

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