June 19, 2021
Google Updates Assistant Snapshot on Android and iOS

Google Revamps Assistant’s Snapshot to include These Smart Features

Google has updated Assistant’s Snapshot feature, which now includes a few new useful tools to help users tackle their day more efficiently…

Two years ago, Google released Snapshot, an organization tool for Assistant. It debuted as a new way to stay on top of the day. Now, Google has given it a bit of a makeover, adding more functionality to the feature. It’s billed as a way to find everything in one place and it’s available on both Android and iOS. What’s more, Google plans to make it even smarter over time.

Google Updates Assistant Snapshot on Android and iOS

Now, by just speaking “Hey Google, show me my day.” Snapshot leaps into action. It will display various cards that are supposed to help users stay on-task. For instance, in the morning, giving the command triggers different cards, like commute information, current weather conditions, upcoming to-dos, as well as top headlines.

Additionally, Google will suggest things, like restaurants to try, recipes, podcasts, and more. Moreover, it will change as the day goes on. Meaning cards will differ from morning, to afternoon, to evening. So, it flows with the day, right into the night to stay relevant every time it’s accessed. Watch a short explainer video below: 

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