November 2, 2022
Google Voice call transfer feature going live

Google Voice will Soon Support a Call Transfer Option

Google Voice is adding a new tool to its platform, the ability to transfer calls, a newly published support page reveals…

Since its inception, Google Voice has been one of the most useful tools the tech company offers. (It’s also among the most confusing.) It’s largely languished with spotty updates, that is, until 2018, when Google integrated it with G Suite. Since that time, it’s gotten a lot more attention. And now, the service will add another helpful feature: the ability to transfer calls.

Google Voice Call Transfer Feature going Live

A new support page on the Google Voice site reveals that the service will get a call transfer option for desktop, Android, and iOS. It works like one would imagine. When on a call, simply click or tap on “Transfer.”  Then, choose a name from the contacts list or enter a phone number. Tap on the person’s name or number to transfer the call.

It’s a small but welcome change as the service previously didn’t offer a call transfer feature. (But it could move calls between two Voice devices owned by the same person.) Going forward, it should give users a bit more functionality in a very basic way that didn’t exist before.

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