November 3, 2022
Google voice-free emergency operator

Google Adds a New Voice-Free Emergency Service Feature to Pixel and other Android Devices

Google today introduced a new feature for its Pixel phones and other devices — voice-free emergency calling touch communication tools…

Today, Google unveiled a new feature for emergency calls for Pixel and other select Android devices.

Google Voice-Free Emergency Operator Function comes to Pixel and Android

The new Google voice-free emergency calling touch communication tools work for fire, medical, or police.

It allows someone to place an emergency call without having to use their voice. This could be helpful in certain circumstances, such as when noise levels are too loud, or a person is attempting to reach out for help in secret.

The phone automatically passes along the caller’s location via GPS and plus code. However, that information is stored locally on the phone itself, so it remains confidential, only shared with the emergency operator.

Paul Dunlop, Product Manager, wrote the following introduction on the official Google Keyword blog:

“A quick, informative conversation with an operator during an emergency call is critical, but in some cases, people are unable to verbally communicate, whether they’re injured, in a dangerous situation or have a speech impairment.

Soon, you’ll be able to share information about the assistance you require, along with your location, to the emergency operator without speaking. This feature will be available in the Phone app on Pixel and select Android devices.”

Here’s a quick animation of the feature in-action:

Google voice-free emergency calling touch communication tools
Credit: Google

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