November 3, 2022
Google Voice Siri support

Google Voice can Now Start Calls and Send Messages through Siri (but can’t Do the Same with Google Assistant)

With its most recent update for iOS, Google Voice now works with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, for placing calls and sending messages…

Google recently released an update for Google Voice for iOS. Along with it came support for Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. So, now Siri users can use Google Voice to place calls and/or send messages. Strangely, it doesn’t do the same for Google Assistant.

Google Voice-Siri Support Rolls Out for Calls and Messages

Now, Apple device owners can go into the Google Voice options to enable Siri, marking a default account to make calls outside the app. Then, by activating Use with Siri option for the app inside the iOS device settings.

While this is a welcome update integration for Apple devices, it curiously leaves Android users with a loss. At this time, it’s still not possible to send messages or initiate a Google Voice call with Google Assistant.

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