November 7, 2022
Google Voice SMS voicemail forwarding shutting down

Google Shutting Down its SMS Voicemail Forwarding for Google Voice as Carriers Battle Spam Calls

Google is telling Google Voice users it will shut down its “get a voicemail via message” feature, effective August 9th, due to false spam flags…

There’s no getting around the annoyance of spam calls. Thankfully, there’s plenty of push-back on robocalls from the FCC, the FTC, and Congress. Carriers are doing their part, as well. But, in the ongoing fight against spam calls, Google Voice has unexpectedly become a casualty.

Google Voice SMS Voicemail Forwarding Shut Down

The Google Voice “get voicemail via message” feature is one that transcribes voice messages. However, since so many of those voicemails contained automated transcripts of spam calls, those communications were getting flagged as spam.

So, Google is opting to shut down the tool by August 9th. Although, this won’t completely end the feature as it’s still available through email.

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