April 30, 2021
Google Voice Sprint integration

Google Voice Ending its Partnership with Carrier Sprint

The Google Voice-Sprint integration will officially come to an end on June 1st, 2018, when users must transition to the carrier…

Google Voice, is a popular phone service with both native app and desktop interfaces. It gives its users a free number for calls, texts, and messages. The service entered an agreement with carrier Sprint to allow its customers to use their Sprint phone number for Google Voice. Now, that agreement will officially end on June 1st, 2018.

Google Voice-Sprint Integration Ending June 2018

After June 1st, all outgoing calls, including international communications, will go through Sprint, which means they’re subject to charges. Additionally, messages, calls, and voicemails will no longer be stored on Google Voice. Furthermore, call-forwarding, voicemail transcription, and spam detection will no longer function.

Google recommends Sprint users disable the coupling before the 1st of June and re-block any numbers through Sprint. Also, Sprint customers will need to re-install the Google Voice app to keep using it.

Sprint users can still use Google Voice, though they’ll need to port their carrier phone numbers to the digital service. Read all about the changes here.