July 4, 2022
Google Voice VoIP

A VoIP Feature is Rolling Out to Google Voice Now, Inside Product Lead Confirms

Google Voice VoIP is now available, with full roll out to occur next week, according to an insider product manager at G Suite…

Over the past several months, Google has made plenty of moves with its messaging services. In fact, the company just announced its two new tools: Meet and Chat. Now, it’s bringing a key feature to Google Voice — VoIP.

Google Voice VoIP Option Starts Rolling Out

Google Voice VoIP underwent beta testing early last year. It’s currently going out to users at this time and will fully roll out next week, a product lead confirms:

For those unfamiliar, VoIP or voice over IP, is a technology which allows people to make voice calls over the internet. Instead of using voice data on their mobile phone plans, people can simply connect to a WiFi network to make and receive calls. It’s a great way to save voice minutes for limited plans and delivers the same quality.

On its communications front, Google continues to make a number of changes. This is just one which is among the most useful. All Google Voice users should see the option by the end of next week.

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