May 19, 2022
Google better ads standards

Google Says This is What It is Doing about Annoying Ads

Google states it is notifying publishers about bad ad experiences, directing sites to refer to the Better Ads Standards or face the consequences…

Google it is currently warning sites about complying with its Better Ads Standards, a set of guidelines which seek to improve UX or user experience. 

“At some point, we’ve all been caught off guard by an annoying ad online—like a video automatically playing at full volume, or a pop-up standing in the way to the one thing we’re trying to find. Thanks to research conducted by the Coalition for Better Ads, we now know which ad experiences rank lowest among consumers and are most likely to drive people to install ad blockers.”

Google is Warning Publishers about Violating Better Ads Standards

The search giant conducted a global survey in July of last year, revealing that 69 percent of people who installed ad blockers did so due to annoying or intrusive ads. That same study found 50 percent of users would not return to a site or recommend pages which displayed pop ups or what Google calls “intrusive interstitials.”

The company also says pop ups are “the most annoying ads on the web.” In its worldwide survey, it found pop ups account for 97 percent of the violations of guidelines set by the Coalition for Better Ads on desktop. While on mobile, 54 percent of identified issues pertain to pop ups, with 21 percent of issues due to high ad density.

In its early reporting, Google found the sites with the most issues are not from “mainstream publishers,” but rather, small sites. The search giant states it reviews sites daily and records ad experiences which do not comply with the Better Ads Standards.

Google also states it is warning sites with such issues over the next few weeks.

In January, Google rolled out its mobile intrusive interstitials penalty. The company announced in July it’s banning pop-under ads and is currently working on a built-in ad blocker for Chrome.

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